Unique Cakes Striaght out of Kathy and Company

We do a lot of cakes here at the bakery, and there are always some that stand out a bit more than the rest. Don’t get me wrong, all of the cakes that leave the shop are amazing and beautiful. But occasionally we get to create a brand new work of art that no one has ever experienced.

The first one that comes to my mind is Brittany Tollison’s wedding cake that went to Chattooga Belle Farm last winter. The sheer intricacy of the bottom tier is what made this cake so perfect. We had never done fondant rosettes before and once we got the hang of it, it turned out amazing!


Another really cool cake was the rose  petal cake at the Certus Loft. When the bride told us what she wanted her cake to look like, we were excited to take on the challenge. Layering the petals and getting them to hang just right was half the battle. It’s always fun to get to try something new and figure out a new technique!


Another favorite that we have done is the gold and navy cake at Larkin’s on the River. When we figured out how to get the lace to look like this we were ecstatic! It turned out so amazingly delicate, and it looks perfect every time. The way the gold is contrasting with the navy makes the detail of the lace show beautifully. We just love this look.


So tell me, what are some cool cake techniques that you have come across that you had never seen before. We would love to get some new ideas from you!

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