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photos of our beautiful table scapes from catering events.

Huguenot Mill Loft

Kathy and Company catered for the first time at Huguenot Mill Loft June 12, 2010. Carrie Bunnell chose a four tiered cake with Almond, Strawberry, Marble, and wedding white. The bride surprised the groom, Ryan Tiller, with a milk fountain and chocolate chip cookies for his groom’s cake!


White Chocolate with White Chocolate Raspberry Filling

Kathy and Company announces our newest flavor White Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Raspberry filling.

Cristina Buffone Wedding Cake – Grand Hyatt Atlanta|Kathy and Company Wedding Cakes|2008 – 2009 Pick of the Upstate the knot best of weddings|Upstate Bridal Association Member|

Closeup of Cristina Buffone's Wedding Cake

Saturday, April 10th was an exciting weekend at Kathy and Company.  Julie delivered cakes to Woodburn Plantation and Westin Poinsett while Kathy headed to Atlanta to deliver Cristina Buffone’s wedding and groom’s cake.   Cristina’s cake was a brush embroidery design to match her wedding dress on dark kahlua fondant which actually looked like a milk chocolate fondant.  The cake was topped with Kathy’s life-size gumpaste roses in pink.  Jaclyn Showalter, Catering Director for the Grand Hyatt, relayed their head executive chef’s comments about my wedding cake  to me which made my day, week, month etc!  He told Jaclyn that my cake was perfect.  She asked him exactly what he meant because she has never heard him say that about a cake.  He said the fondant is smooth with no bubbles or indentions and the brush embroidery is done freehanded rather than being marked with a pattern and piped over.  He commented that it probably took me between 8 and 10 hours to pipe the 5 tier cake (and he is exactly right, I spent 8 1/2 hours  just on the design).  And, he said the gumpaste roses are phenomenal!  (Thank you Diana Tornow, fellow SC ICES member,  for hints on making perfect gumpaste roses.)  Even though I could see my flaws, the chef’s comments certainly made the entire trip to Atlanta worthwhile for me.  And, thanks Domenick Buffone for the room with the wonderful 19th floor view of Buckhead.  (Domenick, Cristina’s dad is the manager of the Greenville Hyatt.)  Check out our pictures.